{Chocolate Lollipops} – Acadele de ciocolata

chocolate lollipops

From all the fun things you can do with chocolate, lollipops have a very special place in my heart. It’s no particular reason though, probably just the fact that they are so easy to make and yet so fun and cute. Just look at them, how can you not love that?! All those colors, those textures, those fun designs – the kids love these… and grown-ups alike!

Let’s recap the toppings you can use: pistachio, almonds, nuts, freeze dried raspberries, salt flakes, honeycomb, caramelized nuts, dried fruits. Need I go on?! So many options, so little time! The sky is the limit, literally!

Read this post for a short explanation on chocolate tempering and how to easily do it at home. And then start practicing! I think that’s the key to mastering pretty much anything in the pastry world – practice, practice, practice! When you love what you do however, these kind of things are never a chore. Mind you, chocolate is amazing, working with it can never be a chore!

chocolate lollipops


{Chocolate Lollipops} - Acadele de ciocolata
  • Chocolate
  • Toppings: mixed nuts, dried fruits, honeycomb, salt flakes etc.
  • You will also need lollipop sticks
  1. Melt the chocolate then temper it.
  2. Spoon the chocolate in a small piping bag. Cut a small hole at the end of the piping bag.
  3. Pipe a small droplet of chocolate on a sheet of parchment paper then place a lollipop stick in the chocolate. Begin to make swirls of chocolate by gently applying pressure on the piping bag. You can make any design you want, intricate or not.
  4. Sprinkle on top your desired toppings then allow to crystallize.


chocolate lollipopsROMANIAN

Dintre toate lucrurile pe care le poti face cu ciocolata, acadelele sunt poate printre cele mai distractive! Si nu doar pentru copii, ci si pentru adulti deopotriva! Te simti din nou copil avand la dispozitie o intreaga gama de toppinguri, reusind astfel sa-ti creezi ciocolata viselor. De la sare de mare ori sare afumata la fructe uscate, nuci, alune, diverse condimente, zahar caramelizat, flori uscate, toate fac parte din larga gama de posibile adaugiri pentru a imbunatati nu doar gustul ci si textura acadelelor.

Reteta de azi abia poate fi numita o reteta. E chiar simplu sa faci aceste acadele. Ai nevoie de ciocolata, topita si temperata, bete pentru cake-pops sau frigarui si toppingul preferat. Turnati ciocolata intr-un pos sau con de hartie. Lipiti un bat de cake-pops pe o foaie de hartie de copt folosind o picatura de ciocolata apoi trasati un model dantelat pe hartia de copt. Presarati imediat deasupra toppingul preferat si lasati ciocolata sa cristalizeze. Asta e tot, v-am zis ca e simplu, nu-i asa?!?!

{Chocolate Tablets} – Tablete de ciocolata

homemade chocolate tablets

My latest recipe post mentioned a series of “how to have fun with chocolate” posts simply because there are so many easy little things you can do with chocolate. I’m literally in love with how versatile chocolate is! In my previous post we talked about hot chocolate lollipops – these little fun, melting, sweet and fragrant lollies to make your own hot chocolate in a flash – and today we’re gonna move on to tablets. Yes, tablets! Because you can actually make your own tablets, customize them any way you want, flavor them with pretty much anything!

Once chocolate is tempered, all you need for tablets is a mold – either plastic or polycarbonate – and your favorite toppings. Toppings can include: sprinkles, candies, dried fruits, nuts, crushed biscuits, marshmallows, macarons or salt flakes. In addition to these fun things to sprinkle on top, you can go wild with fillings as well, slowly stepping on bonbons territory. Fillings can mean anything from a simple and efficient ganache to caramel, fruit sauces or jams and so on. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?!!?

homemade chocolate tablets

Now that we’ve got chocolate, toppings and fillings covered, let’s go back to something I mentioned earlier: molds. These are the perfect tools for making your own chocolate tablets. The good news is that you have various options available, starting with plastic molds which are considered to be hobby molds. The thing about them is that yes, they are quite cheap, but their quality is not the best and the tablets you get are not very shiny, they sometimes bend or break because the mold is quite flexible. Professionals mostly use polycarbonate molds simply because they are sturdy, not too expensive, versatile and they yield a properly shiny surface on the molded chocolate. Plus, you can buy different shapes – you would be surprised to see how many options there are! I used Decora Italy polycarbonate molds which are great for a beginner because they are a little bit smaller, easy to handle and very easy to hold on to due to their shape. Plus, they come in quite a few shapes and patterns which I find quite lovely. Look at these cute little pattern!! Find details about these molds, plus recipes and tips and tricks on Decora website or follow them on their Facebook page!

homemade chocolate tablets

The recipe is not even a proper recipe, but here are the details of how to make your own chocolate tablets:

{Chocolate Tablets}
  • Chocolate, melted and tempered, as needed
  • Toppings: candies, nuts, dried fruits, sprinkles, crushed biscuits, macarons, seeds etc.
  1. Fill each chocolate mold with tempered chocolate.
  2. Gently shake and tap the mold on your working surface to remove the air bubbles trapped in chocolate (trust me, there's nothing more annoying than air bubbles on your chocolates) then carefully top the chocolate tablets with your favorite toppings.
  3. Allow the chocolate to crystallize properly before removing from the molds.
You can use any type of chocolate, from white to milk or dark or in between. Consider mixing various types of chocolates in one single bar, not only for taste, but also for the color contrast!

homemade chocolate tabletsROMANIAN

Intr-una dintre postarile trecute incepusem o serie despre ceea ce puteti face cu ciocolata topita si temperata si va aduceam atunci in atentie acadele pentru ciocolata calda, acele mici si delicioase ciocolate usor de topit in lapte cald pentru a obtine o ciocolata calda aromata. Astazi insa am pentru voi tablete de ciocolata. Da, ati auzit bine! Puteti sa va faceti propriile tablete de ciocolata acasa, folosind ciocolata, topita si obligatoriu temperata, matrite pentru tablete de ciocolata (din plastic sau policarbonat) si topping-urile voastre preferate.

homemade chocolate tablets

Dar haideti sa analizam fiecare element in parte, pornind de la baza noastra, respectiv ciocolata. Eu personal prefer ciocolata de 50-60% masa de cacao pentru tablete caci gustul e intens, amarui, dar nu intrece limita suportablitatii, insa retineti ca puteti folosi orice tip de ciocolata, de la alba la cea cu lapte sau neagra, in functie de preferintele fiecaruia. Ba mai mult, puteti combina mai multe tipuri de ciocolata intr-o singura tableta. Topping-ul poate insemna orice, de la bombonele colorate la nuci ori fructe uscate sau confiate, biscuiti faramitati sau intregi, turta dulce, condimente, seminte si lista poate continua. Cred ca asta imi place cel mai mult la a-mi face propriile tablete de ciocolata: posibilitatile de a le aromatiza sau interveni cu diverse texturi sunt nenumarate!

homemade chocolate tablets

Insa pentru a obtine tableta perfecta mai aveti nevoie si de matrite pentru tablete de ciocolata. Aceste matrite pot fi realizate fie din plastic, fie din policarbonat. Cele din plastic sunt matrite pentru amatori, considerate matrite hobby – au avantajul ca sunt mai ieftine, dar dezavantajul e ca sunt flexibile ceea ce poate insemna tablete usor deformate, dar mai ales tablete care nu au un luciu perfect, indiferent de cat de bine a fost temperata ciocolata. Profesionistii folosesc matrite din policarbonat pentru tablete si bomboane – acestea sunt mult mai grele, deloc flexibile, dar mai ales confera un luciu frumos produselor finale. Partea frumoasa e ca si ele vin in diverse forme si marimi. Pentru aceste tablete eu am folosit matrite marca Decora Italia pe care le consider perfecte pentru incepatori datorita marimii usor mai reduce, usurintei cu care pot fi manuite si manerelor ergonomice.

Tablete de ciocolata
  • Ciocolata alba/neagra/cu lapte, topita si temperata
  • Topping: bombonele crocante, sprinkles, nuci, alune, fructe uscate, fructe confiate, biscuiti, turta dulce, macarons etc
  1. Turnati ciocolata in matrita de tableta, suficient cat sa o umpleti pana sus. Nivelati daca e nevoie apoi loviti usor matrita de suprafata de lucru pentru a scapa de eventualele bule de aer prinse intre ciocolata si matrita.
  2. Presarati deasupra topping-urile preferate si lasati sa cristalizeze.
  3. Scoateti din matrita cu grija si ambalati.
E obligatoriu ca ciocolata sa fie temperata, in caz contrar nu veti putea scoate tabletele din matrita.

homemade chocolate tablets

{Tonka Kalamansi Bonbons} – Bomboane cu tonka si kalamansi

I must say that working with chocolate, particularly bonbons, has slowly crawled under my skin and I somehow can’t stop thinking about bonbons, about different mixes of flavors, about molds, about how to improve my skills. Knowing myself, I doubt this will stop soon enough! But it’s pretty amazing to be this excited about something. For me at least it can only mean one thing – my ability to learn is improved simply because I’m this interested in the matter.

Today’s recipe focuses on two ingredients that I adore: tonka – recently discovered, tonka is unique and the aroma it infuses into a filling or cream is amazing – and kalamansi – which you have seen on my blog in the past but mostly in cakes and tartlettes. Tonka is like vanilla and almonds mixed into one and kalamansi is like lime, mandarin and grapefruit mixed into one. You can only imagine that the final taste of the bonbons is surprising, but in the most pleasant way!

The two fillings complement each other well so the final taste is great and the final texture is just as good!

{Tonka Kalamansi Bonbons}
Kalamansi caramel:
  • 120g white sugar
  • 50ml heavy cream
  • 45g glucose syrup
  • 60g kalamansi juice
  • 30g mango puree
  • 110g milk chocolate (40% cocoa content)
Tonka ganache:
  • 120ml heavy cream
  • 2g grated tonka
  • 240g milk chocolate (40%)
  • 8g cocoa butter
  • 15g butter
Kalamansi caramel:
  1. Heat the cream with the glucose until the boiling point.
  2. In a different saucepan, heat the kalamansi juice and mango puree.
  3. Make a dry caramel with the sugar until it has a dark golden color.
  4. Combine the hot cream and fruit juices then pour gradually over the dry caramel, mixing well. Watch out as it might splash.
  5. Pour the caramel over the chocolate and mix well until smooth.
  6. Place aside until chilled.
Tonka ganache:
  1. Heat the cream to the boiling point. Remove from heat and add the grated tonka. Pour over the chocolate and cocoa butter.
  2. Mix well until smooth then add the butter and give it a good mix.
  3. Allow to come to room temperature.
To finish the bonbons:
  1. Make a bonbon shell with dark chocolate (50-60%) – use any shape you want for your mold! Allow the empty shells to crystallize before filling. Always use tempered chocolate for bonbons!
  2. Place both fillings into pastry bags.
  3. Fill the bonbons half way with kalamansi caramel then cover with tonka ganache.
  4. Cover the fillings with dark chocolate and allow to crystallize furthermore.
  5. Turn the molds upside down and tap gently to remove the bonbons from the molds.


De cand cu sosirea lui Diego, in bucataria mea e mai mereu ciocolata. Topesc, temperez, fac bomboane la foc continuu. M-am indragostit de intreg procesul de realizare a bomboanelor de ciocolata. Imi place enorm sa vad cum cochiliile goale incep sa prinda viata pe masura ce adaug umpluturile si se finiseaza prin inchiderea lor cu ciocolata din nou. Magia insa se intampla in momentul in care intorci matrita si scoti bomboanele – atunci realizezi ca munca si migala ta nu au fost in zadar, abia atunci poti observa perfectiunea unei ciocolate de buna calitate si intelegi importanta tehnicii in sine.

Reteta de astazi contine doua ingrediente pe care le adore: recent descoperita tonka si mult iubitul kalamansi, ambele puternice, ambele interesante. Tonka e migdalata, usor vanilata in timp ce kalamansi, pe care l-ati mai vazut pe blog si la aceste tarte, e acrisor-amarui. Obtii la final o bomboana surprinzatoare, aromata, delicioasa in cochilia ei din ciocolata neagra amaruie.

Bomboane cu tonka si kalamansi
Caramel de kalamansi:
  • 120g zahar
  • 50ml smantana pentru frisca 35%
  • 45g glucoza lichida
  • 60g piure de kalamansi
  • 30g piure de mango
  • 110g ciocolata cu lapte 40%
Ganache cu tonka:
  • 120ml smantana pentru frisca 35%
  • 2g tonka data pe razatoare
  • 240g ciocolata cu lapte 40%
  • 8g unt de cacao
  • 15g unt
Caramel de kalamansi:
  1. Caramelizati zaharul pana devine auriu. Intre timp, incalziti smantana si glucoza pana la punctual de fierbere.
  2. Turnati piureul de kalamansi si mango peste lichidul fierbinte, apoi turnati totul peste zaharul caramelizat.
  3. Combinati caramelul cu ciocolata si mixati pana obtineti un amestec omogen, lucios, fin.
  4. Dati deoparte.
Ganache cu tonka:
  1. Incalziti smantana si tonka intr-un vas.
  2. In alt vas inalt, combinati ciocolata si untul de cacao apoi turnati deasupra smantana fierbinte. Adaugati untul.
  3. Mixati pana la omogenizare.
  4. Dati deoparte pana vine la temperatura camerei.
Pentru a finisa bomboanele:
  1. Temperati ciocolata. Realizat cochiliile bomboanelor din ciocolata temperata - folositi ciocolata neagra sau cu lapte.
  2. Puneti cele doua umpluturi in posuri de unica folosinta.
  3. Umpleti cochiliile gata realizate pe jumatate cu umplutura de kalamansi si finisati cu ganache cu tonka.
  4. Inchideti bomboanele cu ciocolata temperata si lasati sa cristalizeze.
  5. Intoarceti matrita invers pe suprafata de lucru si lociti-o usor pentru a elibera bomboanele.