Diego Lozano – Horeca School – Romania 2016


I’m the kind of person to hold on to ideas until they somehow become reality. And I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of inviting a foreign chef to Romania for quite some time now. Talking to Cristina, the founder of Horeca School, led to a step that I thought it was almost impossible at the time: let’s do it! Let’s give it a try she said! And it was enough for me!

What started as a mere idea or wish, turned into reality as I contacted Diego Lozano, asking him about a possible masterclass in Romania, the first one of this kind in this country. I didn’t expect an answer to be honest, I thought it will be days, weeks until we get a response, but I guess I was wrong as Diego answered back in a matter of hours saying that he has 2017 almost fully booked, but he has a few available days in november 2016. I couldn’t believe it! 2016?! Really?!?! We jumped in the bandwagon right away so the email with the confirmation was sent and the airplane tickets were booked! I mean, seriously, how often one gets a chance like this?!


I’m not going to lie! I walked into this based only on intuition, I had no idea what a masterclass meant, how much work, how many hours of labor or how long the days would become. I was happy that he agreed (let alone answer my emails, doh!) and worried that I had no idea how I was going to pull this out! I thought that he might be fussy, that he might be difficult to get along with; long story short, I had no idea what to expect from a chef of his level. I could see he was one of the most creative, professional pastry chefs out there, but in terms of his character and way of being, I was blind! Days, weeks passed by though and we picked him up from the airport only to discover a very relaxed, easy going, chilled out person who did all he could to get the two events we had planned go well. He is a great pastry chef and an amazing human being and for that I will be forever grateful! We could have not picked a better pastry chef for our first ever masterclass!

We planned two events in Romania: a chocolate demo for a few hours and a masterclass for 3 days. And nothing really ever prepared me for what these two events meant! Not necessarily in terms of work, but in terms of being professional, in terms of creativity, challenges, friendship, help, being human and kind or having fun while doing the work as best as you can, in terms of enjoying what you do and doing it with so much love and passion that it becomes addictive!


The Chocolate Art Show was an event focusing on chocolate and only chocolate – how to temper quick and easy, how to make bonbons and some delicious bonbon fillings or how to build a chocolate showpiece! It was an event for about 20 people,  thought more like a demo and less like an workshop. The techniques Diego taught and the recipes he shared were meant to cover an initiate road into the world of chocolate, one that he walks on for many years now, being completed by the title of World Chocolate Master in Brasil and finalist during Salon du Chocolat by Callebaut in Paris one year ago. He speaks so fondly about chocolate that you can never get bored listening! The stories surrounding his chocolate showpiece from Salon du Chocolat were deligthful to listen to: 2 years of work, hundreds of kilograms of chocolate used this entire time and so much passion and team effort that the whole experience ended up being a huge accomplishment for him and the team he works with!

diego lozano

It is the Chocolate Demo that allowed me to spend two days filling the shoes of his assistant/translator prior to the demo, helping him out with the construction of the house and tree. And by helping I mean melting loads of chocolate and washing tons of dishes, together with the rest of the people at our school. It was a team effort and he surely pushed us all over our limits! But that’s precisely what I enjoyed the most – the challenge, watching him work and trying to understand his state of mind while building the showpiece, trying to read through the lines while talking to him, asking questions and being mesmerized by the answers. It’s been some of the best days I’ve ever had in a pastry kitchen!


One of the first things I wanted to know was how he started in this craft and the answer was quick and confident enough: he was a kid when he started cooking as a way of helping out his mum with the chores of the house but soon enough he tried baking and loved the process behind it all. That’s how it all started! He knew from a very early age what he wants to do and he pursued this dream with an opened heart and a motivated mind until what he is today – a well-known, respected pastry chef who travels the world teaching people the secrets of this craft, a pastry trotter as he puts it. He admits all this travelling is tiresome, but the rush and adrenaline and meeting new people, combined with loving what he does, make it all too enjoyable to do anything else! In order to keep up with this always-on-the-go life, he has a pretty strict diet, doesn’t drink or go out, doesn’t smoke, always trying to stay focused on what he does, never losing his temper or patience. He admits indulging on some of his favorite desserts from time to time though, Opera and Mont-Blanc being two of the ones he loves most. He loves sarmale (Romanian dish) and we made him try some rachiu (Romanian drink) as well, he finds Romanian music a bit weird and he’s been to a proper Romanian wedding just for the fun of the experience!

He’s been travelling around the world with classes for about 3 years now, but he says pastry is all he’s ever wanted to do, it’s what brings him fulfillment. And it’s this passion that made him open a pastry school in Brasil, the first one of the kind in the country. He says that a showpiece can be an idea that comes to you in half an hour, but what happens next is the challenging part: building it. For the World Chocolate Masters Salon du Chocolate by Callebaut piece he worked two years and he made over 300 versions of the human until he was happy with it, using over 60kg of chocolate just for the final piece, without counting the hundreds of kilograms used for practicing. Now that’s a lot of chocolate and an impressive determination to reach perfection!


He’s a great teacher and one of the most patient and fun pastry chefs I’ve ever known! The things I learnt the last couple of days are invaluable and I don’t mean just techniques or the way he works, but also the way he looks at his work, the way he treasures the hours spent for a piece, the confidence he has, the time he takes to explain things, the patience he displays when you’re doing a mistake (and oh boy, I’ve made plenty! Sorry, Diego 😀 ). Every single thing was a lesson that I needed to be reminded of!

diego lozano

The masterclass on the other hand was even more challenging! Three days of baking, freezing, cleaning, tempering, glazing, decorating, paying attention to details or translating were definitely not easy, but oh boy, it was so enjoyable! The rush and adrenaline were a little bit addictive to say the least and I somehow missed it once it was over! He warned me that usually the first masterclass day is the most difficult one because that’s when he bakes the biscuits, makes the mousses and molds pretty much all the cakes, but not even he was ready for a day like that! Because we were left without power for 3 hours in the first day! Yes, the power went off only to come back almost 3 hours later! His worst nightmare was all of a sudden coming reality. On the bright side of things though, due to this, he will never forget Romania (not that we ever wanted to be reminded of as the country where the power goes off in the middle of the masterclass, but we’ll take that for now)!

The products he made for the masterclass were divine! I’m not one to be easily impressed by new tastes – I’ve tried quite a lot and never back down from weird mixes of flavors, but I surely didn’t expect to find my all-time favorite cake among the ones he made. Coffee, walnuts and praline plus the perfect mousse, the best ever texture and the subtle flavor made Coffee the cake I loved the most, the only cake I wished it was never over!

diego lozano


Now let’s do a quick recap of the two events we hosted: over 40kg of chocolate ordered (most of it used), gallons of heavy cream whipped, hours and hours spent preparing the ingredients, days spent weighting them all and arranging them in boxes, lots of laughter and fun, plenty of chocolate stains on pretty much everything I wore these few days, new friends made, new challenged accepted. Yes, we made mistakes, yes, it could have been better, but you know what?! It was the best thing I was part of this year! So thank you, Diego, for accepting out invite, for being that patient with us, for helping out and giving advice, for being kind and funny, for eating sarmale and listening to Romanian music, for being yourself and letting us do the same! It sure was an experience that we will never forget! I cannot wait until our paths will cross again! (Next year, right?!)

diego lozano


Diego Lozano – Masterclass Romania 2016

Sunt genul de persoana care nu renunta cu una cu doua la o idee, imi place sa-mi duc planurile la bun sfarsit, iar gandul de a invita un cofetar strain la Horeca School ma bantuia de ceva timp. O discutie cu Cristina, fondatoarea scolii Horeca, pe aceasta tema a dus la o finalizare a acestui gand intr-un mod extrem de neasteptat: hai sa o facem! Hai sa-l invitam, mi-a spus! Dintr-o data aceasta idee devenea un proiect al intregii scoli!

Ce a pornit ca o simpla, timida idee, a devenit curand realitate prin contactarea lui Diego Lozano. I-am trimis un mesaj pe Instagram si sa fiu sincera nici nu asteptam un raspuns imediat, eram doar unul dintre sutele de mii de followeri. Dar cateva ore mai tarziu am primit un raspuns detaliat in care imi spunea ca 2017 e full, dar ca are cateva zile disponibile in 2016. Nu mi-a venit sa cred! Cat de norocosi sa fim sa gasim cateva zile disponibile chiar in 2016, aproximativ doua luni mai tarziu fata de ziua la care il contactasem?! Raspunsul pozitiv a fost trimis si biletele de avion rezervate! Nici prin cap nu-mi trecea atunci ce va insemna acest lucru pentru mine, ca individ, si pentru Horeca School la institutie de formare profesionala!


Nu va mint! Am pornit pe drumul asta bazandu-ma doar pe intuitie, nu aveam idee ce inseamna un masterclass, nimeni de la scoala nu stia de altfel, cate ore de lucru se vor aduna sau cat timp vom petrece la scoala cantarind ingrediente ori organizand evenimentul. Eram insa fericita ca a acceptat invitatia si cumva ingrijorata pentru ca nu stiam incotro sa o apuc, ce sa fac. Dar mai ales, nu stiam la ce sa ma astept din partea lui. Se vedea clar ca e un profesionist, un om extrem de creativ, dar nu aveam nicio idee despre caracterul lui, despre felul lui de a fi. Ori asta era un lucru destul de important in relatia noastra cu el, dar mai ales a viitorilor cursanti. Zilele, saptamanile au trecut repede insa si l-am luat de la aeroport doar pentru a descoperi un om extrem de degajat, relaxat, un om cu care intri in discutie foarte usor si gasesti imediat subiecte de dezbatut, un om care vorbeste o multime de limbi straine si care intelege partial limba romana (prin filiera italiana si spaniola), un om care din prima zi ne-a ajutat cu sfaturi despre cum sa ne organizam mai bine, cum sa facem sa fim cat mai eficienti, un om care a facut tot ce i-a stat in puteri ca cele doua evenimente sa mearga ca unse!

diego lozano

Am organizat doua evenimente Diego Lozano in Romania: Chocolate Art Show – demo interactiv despre ciocolata si Masterclass – un curs intensiv de trei zile. Dar nimic nu avea sa ma pregateasca pentru ce avea sa urmeze, nu neaparat din punct de vedere al muncii depuse, ci mai degraba facand referire la profesionalismul lui, la creativitate, prietenie, provocari, ajutor (a lui si a multor altor persoane pe care le voi nominaliza la finalul acestui articol pentru ca merita!), la a-ti face munca cat mai bine si la a o face cu drag si pasiune, la a te bucura de fiecare moment in parte! Au fost cateva zile de neuitat!

Chocolate Art Show a fost un eveniment ce s-a concentrat asupra ciocolatei, asupra lucrului cu acest ingredient minunat – temperare, bomboane, umpluturi si o piesa decorativa din ciocolata 100% la care s-a muncit doua zile inainte de eveniment. Si cand spun muncit ma refer la toata lumea de la scoala – toti am ajutat cu ceva, fie ca a fost vorba de topit ciocolata, fie ca a fost vorba de spalat vase ori cantarit ingrediente! A fost munca de echipa la cel mai inalt nivel! Acest eveniment a fost gandit ca un demo interactiv si s-a si desfasurat ca atare, motiv pentru care participantii au putut sa-i adreseze intrebari, l-au ajutat in realizarea unor bomboane si au luat parte la finisarea piesei de ciocolata. Tehnicile pe care le-a predat si retetele pe care le-a impartasit au fost menite sa acopere o Initiere in lumea ciocolatei, sa fie un inceput de drum pe care de altfel el il strabate de ani buni, totul culminand cu participarea la World Chocolate Masters in cadrul Salon du Chocolat by Callebaut, numarandu-se printre finalisti in 2015. Ar trebui sa-l auziti cum vorbeste despre ciocolata! E minunat sa vezi si sa asculti un om vorbind despre pasiunea lui cu atata drag, chiar si dupa atata timp de cand o practica! Doar ca sa va faceti o idee, trebuie sa va spun ca piesa de ciocolata de la World Chocolate Masters a fost suma a doi ani intregi de munca si incercari, au existat peste 300 de sculpturi de incercare inainte de piesa finala si s-au folosit sute de kilograme de ciocolata pentru aceste incercari. Nu e de mirare ca aceasta participare este una dintre marile sale realizari! Provocarile au fost imense, dar le-a depasit, ajutat fiind de echipa lui!

diego lozano

Datorita acestui demo am reusit sa petrec doua zile in compania lui, ajutandu-l cu tot ce a avut nevoie in materie de munca si traducand. Sunt fericita ca am reusit sa pun umarul macar putin la constructia acelei piese de ciocolata! A fost insa extrem de interesant sa observi felul in care isi gandeste si organizeaza cursul, felul in care isi aranjeaza ingredientele, modul in care percepe o piesa de asemenea avengura, pasiunea pe care o pune in realizarea ei, felul in care ii sclipesc ochii cand rezultatul final arata exact asa cum si l-a imaginat. Mi-a permis insa sa-l si intreb una-alta, sa aflu detalii despre cariera lui, sa inteleg tehnici de care nu eram prea increzatoare ori sigura, sa capat experienta si mai ales incredere.

Cred ca primul lucru pe care l-am intrebat a fost cum si-a descoperit aceasta pasiune, care au fost primii pasi in cofetarie, o intrebare previzibila de altfel, dar definitorie pentru intelegerea istoriei unui astfel de profesionist! Raspunsul a venit repede: era un copil cand a inceput sa gateasca ca o modalitate de a-si ajuta mama singura cu treburile casei dar si-a dat seama ca ii place enorm sa coaca prajituri, adorand procesul tehnologic din spatele fiecarei retete. Asadar a stiut de la o varsta frageda ce vrea sa faca si si-a urmat visul cu determinare si pasiune pana astazi cand este unul dintre cei mai cunoscuti cofetari, un om respectat nu doar de colegi ci si de oameni din intreaga lume unde calatoreste luna de luna pentru a organiza masterclass-uri cu simplul scop de a impartasi din experienta lui cu ceilalti. Recunoaste ca e obositor sa calatoresti atat de mult (a zburat aprope 2 zile doar ca sa ajunga in Romania si inca doua sa se intoarca in Brazilia), dar adrenalina si placerea intalnirii cu oameni care au aceeasi pasiune si care ii inteleg determinarea plus daruirea pentru aceasta meserie/arta merita din plin! Pentru a tine pasul cu acest ritm de viata insa, are o dieta stricta si merge la sala, nu bea, nu fumeaza si se odihneste cat poate de mult, incercand sa stea mereu concentrat pe ceea ce are de facut, incercand sa fie atent la fiecare detaliu, fara a-si pierde temperamentul ori calmul. De fapt, sa fiu sincera nu cred ca am intalnit cofetar mai rabdator si mai calm ca el pana acum! Desi nu mananca desert prea des, recunoaste ca nu se poate abtine de la o felie de Opera ori Mont-Blanc, acestea fiind doua dintre prajiturile sale preferate. Ii plac mult sarmalele si i-am dat sa guste pana si rachiu, gaseste muzica romaneasca putin ciudata si a fost pana si la un restaurant cu muzica romaneasca doar de dragul experientei si amuzamentului!

Se fac mai bine de 3 ani de cand calatoreste in jurul lumii pentru a preda cursuri, e obositor, dar spune ca doar in cofetarie se regaseste, e ceea ce ii aduce implinire, asa ca o face cu placere. Are o scoala de cofetarie in Brazilia de care se ocupa fratele lui, de asemenea cofetar, atunci cand el este plecat. Escola de Confeitaria a fost prima scoala de acest gen din Brazilia si se mandreste cu faptul ca sute de cursanti le trec anual pragul. Admite ca Brazilia si Romania seamana mult la acest capitol daca nu cumva Romania este cu un pas inainte in ceea ce priveste deschiderea si dorinta oamenilor de a invata, de a se pune la punct cu noi tehnici de lucru, de a avea curajul sa incerce combinatii de ingrediente indraznete.

Spune ca ideea unei piese de ciocolata poate sa ia viata pe hartie in jumatate de ora, dar partea cea mai grea este punerea in practica. Pentru piesa pe care a prezentat-o la Salon du Chocolat by Callebaut a lucrat doi ani doar pentru a rafina ideea si a sculptat mai bine de 300 de oameni in ciocolata pana a ajuns la un rezultat care i-a placut, folosind sute de kilograme de ciocolata in tot acest timp. Piesa finala a avut aproximativ 60kg, chiar si cele mai mici detalii fiind facute din ciocolata.

diego lozano

E un profesor extraordinar si unul dintre putinii oamenii pe care ii stiu inarmati cu o rabdare de fier! Ce am invatat zilele acestea e de neegalat si nu ma refer doar la tehnica impecabila pe care o afiseaza ori la felul in care se organizeaza si tine cursurile, dar fac referire si la felul in care se pierde in munca, uitand sa mai manance adesea, increderea pe care o are, timpul pe care si-l ia pentru a explica cum trebuie ceva si calmul pe care ti-l insufla chiar si in cele mai tensionate momente ori cand faci greseli (pff si am facut destul, credeti-ma!). Toate aceste lucruri reprezinta o lectie pentru care sunt recunoascatoare!

Si daca la ciocolata a fost greu, masterclass-ul le-a intrecut pe toate! Trei zile de copt, congelat, curatat, temperat, glazurat, decorat, tradus si atentie sporita la detalii nu au fost usoare, asta-i clar, dar a fost atat de frumos! Adrenalina si tot ce s-a intamplat ne-au tinut in priza in continuu incat cele trei zile au trecut ca vantul! La final ramasesem toti cu un zambet larg pentru ca s-a incheiat cu bine si cu un sentiment dulce-amar ca s-a terminat parca prea repede! Ma avertizase ca va fi greu, mai ales in prima zi de masterclass, imi spusese ca oamenii care il ajuta pe parcursul unui astfel de curs duc greul in prima zi, pe ei e presiunea cea mai mare, dar noi chiar nu eram pregatiti pentru ce avea sa se intample! Si ma refer aici strict la faptul ca tocmai in prima zi de curs, cu blaturile in cuptor, Enel s-a hotarat sa se joace la butoane si sa ne lase fara curent aproape 3 ore. Un cosmar devenit realitate, din pacate! Ne-am descurcat onorabil insa, muncind peste programul stabilit ca sa recuperam orele pierdute.

Produsele realizate pentru masterclass au fost mi-nu-na-te! Si nu o spun doar eu, ci si pozele pe care le tot vad pe Facebook de atunci – cursanti care fac din retete. Cat despre mine, cu tristete va spun ca nu am apucat sa gust decat dintr-un singur tort, dar a fost poate cel mai bun tort mancat vreodata! Nu sunt un om usor de impresionat, am gustat o multime de prajituri, am facut si mai multe, dar acest tort cu mousse de nuci si cafea si blat cu nuci a fost de o deliciosenie rara si o textura de pe alta lume! Ne spusese inainte ca acesta este preferatul lui si gustand din el, am inteles de ce. Literalmente imi doream ca felia aceea sa nu se mai termine vreodata!

In incheiere, hai sa facem o scurta recapitulare a celor doua evenimente: peste 40kg de ciocolata comandata si folosita, litri intregi de smantana pentru frisca, kilograme de zahar si oua, glucoza, zahar invertit, lapte condensat, nenumarate ghivece de busuioc, dar mai presus de toate, prietenii legate, munca productiva, distractie, noi provocari, limite depasite. Da, am facut greseli, da, se putea si mai bine, dar stiti ce?! A fost cel mai frumos eveniment la care am luat parte anul acesta (daca nu cumva intreaga mea cariera!). Asa ca iti multumesc, Diego, ca ai acceptat invitatia Horeca School, ca ai avut rabdare monumentala cu noi, ca ne-ai ajutat cu sfaturi si ne-ai sprijinit cand a fost nevoie, ca ai fost si un bun profesionist si un om extraordinar, ca ai mancat sarmale si ne-ai lasat sa-ti punem Trandafir de la Moldova, ca ai fost tu insuti si ne-ai permis si noua sa fim la fel! Suntem convinsi ca nu am fi putut alege un om mai bun pentru a organiza primul nostru Masterclass! Si suntem siguri ca anul viitor va fi mult mai bine!

diego lozano

Tin sa multumesc in mod expres doamnei Cristina van der Schaaf pentru ca a sustinut aceasta idee nebuneasca cu tot ce i-a stat in puteri, sunteti in ochii nostri o adevarata Wonder Woman, v-ati zbatut ca nimeni alta ca acest curs sa iasa bine si sa avem tot ce ne trebuie la indemana! Iti multumesc, Nisrin, pentru intreaga organizare, nu am fi reusit fara tine! Multumesc, Cristi, pentru tot ajutorul, nu doar de la Masterclass ci si in restul timpului! Multumesc celor trei fete care au raspuns apelului meu: Nico, Cristina si Geanina – fara voi nu cred ca terminam la timp mis-en-place si nu am fi reusit sa eficientizam spatiul si timpul mai bine! Multumesc Ionela Stoica (Pupile Gustative) pentru aceste poze minunate! Multumesc Grace Couture Cakes pentru ca ne-ati pus la dispozitie spatiul necesar desfasurarii acestui Masterclass! Multumesc din suflet si colaboratorilor nostri care au raspuns solicitarilor mele chiar si pe ultima suta de metri: Casiro Expert, Microgreens Romaniawww.desertonline.ro, www.azariafood.ro, www.marathon.com.ro. Fara voi acest eveniment nu ar fi fost posibil!

diego lozano

Cu zambetul pe buze chiar si dupa o zi de munca plina!


Chocolate Art Show by Diego Lozano


Lucrul cu ciocolata nu e treaba usoara, asta-i clar! Atentia la detalii si tehnica trebuie sa fie impecabile pentru a obtine decoruri ori bomboane care sa frizeze perfectiunea! Nu mai vorbesc de acele piese decorative de ciocolata impunatoare, artistice, complexe! Cata munca e in spatele unei lucrari ce se califica drept arta pura!

Avem asadar onoarea sa va invitam la Chocolate Art Show by Diego Lozano, un eveniment marca Horeca School, organizat in colaborare cu Kuxa Events. Diego Lozano a acceptat invitatia Horeca School de a sustine in Romania un Masterclass la cel mai inalt nivel de profesionalism, insa pentru ca el e si expert in lucrul cu ciocolata si face poate cele mai frumoase flori de ciocolata pe care le-am vazut, ne-am gandit sa va oferim ocazia sa-l vedeti la lucru facand lucruri la care noi putem doar visa momentan!

Chocolate Art Show are loc pe 14 noiembrie 2016 la sediul Kuxa Events (Str. Putul lui Zamfir 36, etajul 3). Sunt disponibile un maxim de 25 de locuri, taxa pentru incriere fiind de 135 euro. Atelierul se desfasoara sub forma unui demo interactiv in care puteti observa cum lucreaza Diego, puteti pune intrebari, puteti degusta.

Pentru rezervarea unui loc, puteti contacta :
0730 882 288 Cristina van der Schaaf
0763 673 089 Olguta Iliescu
sau email:





Escultura Artistica "Demônio do Pântano" do participante e vencedor Diego Lozano. Vencedora da categoria "Melhor Escultura Artistica"

 Despre Diego Lozano

www.tbfoto.com.br DIEGO LOZANO - SP/SP - 19/02/2013 Foto: Tadeu Brunelli ATENÇÃO: Toda foto deve ser publicada com o crédito do autor, na sua íntegra sem cortes ou modificações, de acordo com a Lei Nº 9.610 de 19/02/1998.

Diego Lozano este un cunoscut cofetar si ciocolatier brazilian, castigatorul a mai multor premii recunoscute la nivel international, profesor al scolii Escola de Confeitaria Diego Lozano, Sao Paolo si reprezentant de seama al cofetariei braziliene, facand inconjorul lumii nu doar cu o serie de cursuri extraordinare, ci si cu ingrediente care aduc in prima plan Brazilia si aromele ei inconfundabile!

Povestea lui Diego Lozano cofetarul incepe in jurul varstei de 13 ani, ajutand-o pe mama lui cu treburile casei. Dintre toate treburile insa, gatitul a fost cea care i s-a lipit de suflet cel mai mult. In timp, a inceput sa gateasca retete lasate de bunica lui din generatie in generatie, urmand ca mai apoi sa elaboreze aceste retete in functie de gustul lui si pe masura ce invata din ce in ce mai multe.

De altfel, prima prajitura facuta a fost un tort de ciocolata dupa reteta bunicii. Ani mai tarziu isi da seama ca bucataria e un drum care merita aprofundat, asa ca incepe cursurile de tehnician in procesarea mancarii. Lucreaza in cateva locatii, adunand experienta iar la varsta de 19 ani ajunge sa conduca o mica cofetarie. Un an mai tarziu este invitat de Harald sa calatoreasca prin tara pentru a tine cursuri si prezentari, avand astfel ocazia sa intre in contact cu bucataria braziliana adevarata, pe care o va promova mai apoi peste tot pe unde va merge.

Anul 2007 il gaseste pe Diego la carma sectiei de cofetarie a restaurantului lui Alex Atala, restaurant care era promotorul fine diningului. Diego insa se simte ca acasa aici, oferindu-i-se ocazia sa testeze diverse ingrediente braziliene, sa le combine si sa creeze deserturi aromate, bogate in texturi, culori, gusturi. Un an mai tarziu este angajat de o companie Belgiana ca chef executiv pentru a promova si extinde afacerea in ciocolata in intreaga America latina. Nu mult dupa aceea, Diego deschide prima scoala braziliana de cofetarie.


2014 – Primul loc la Brazilian World Chocolate Masters by Callebaut

2013 – Cofetarul Anului (International Journal Confectionery)

2010 – Best Chocolate Sculpture in MS Trophy’s

2009 – Best Chocolate Sculpture in MS Trophy’s

2008 – Finalist World Chocolate Masters la Salon du Chocolat Paris

2007 – Primul loc la Brazilian Chocolate Masters by Callebaut


Muffins, cupcakes si brioche – o intalnire pe Matasari

workshop tlc romania si pastry workshop

TLC, televiziunea pentru femei din portofoliul Discovery, se relanseaza, avand ca principale valori surpriza si emotia, prezentand emisiuni definitorii, ce aduc in prim-plan povesti de viata uimitoare, inspirationale. Dintre emisunile acestui canal, poate cea cu care rezonez cel mai mult este Regele cofetarilor, unul dintre programele emblematice ale canalului de altfel.  Ce au in comun un castel de nisip, un pian si o jacheta de motociclist?! Toate reprezinta torturi incredibil de realiste realizate de celebrul Buddy Valastro si echipa lui in cadrul emisiunii. Sezonul 8 se intoarce din 11 mai, in fiecare miercuri la ora 21 cu si mai multe provocari pentru celebrul cofetar si familia sa, cu si mai multe proiecte si cu cele mai uimitoare torturi pe care le-au facut vreodata.

Regele bucatarilor_vizual campanie

Acum cativa ani de zile, cand abia incepusem sa inteleg ce inseamna cofetaria, Buddy Valastro a fost  unul dintre oamenii care mi-au oferit inspiratie – un om atat de determinat si pasionat, cu atat de mult talent si ingeniozitate nu poate reprezenta decat un exemplu pentru ceilalti, profesionisti sau amatori deopotriva. Este unul dintre oamenii care au adus cea mai mare vizibilitate meseriei de cofetar, facand vizibile nu doar rezultatele uimitoare, ci si munca enorma din spatele unui tort, precum si problemele care apar si pe care trebuie sa le rezolvi la timp si intr-un mod care sa nu dea de gol faptul a fost o problema in primul rand. „In camera se face liniste. Toate probleme tale personale dispar. Nu auzi, nu vezi nimic. Esti 100% concentrat pe ceea ce faci si dai tot ce ai mai bun. Si cand ai terminat, faci un pas inapoi, privesti ce ai realizat si simti ca valorezi ceva, te simti multumit”, povesteste Buddy despre momentul lui preferat din procesul realizarii unui tort, decorarea.

relansare tlc

Workshop “Muffins, cupcakes si brioche” – o intalnire pe Matasari

Cochetam pe atunci foarte mult cu ideea de tort imbracat in pasta de zahar, mi se parea o adevarata arta ceea ce realizau in cadrul emisiunii. Si desi nu am continuat pe acea linie, prajiturile mi s-au lipit de suflet – nu doar gustul in sine, ci si tehnicile folosite in cofetarie, culorile, texturile, aromele. Asa ca astazi sunt onorata sa va invit la un workshop organizat impreuna cu TLC in cadrul festivalului Femei pe Matasari. Am primit si acceptat invitatia cu mare drag nu doar pentru ca vine din partea TLC in numele unui program pe care si eu personal il urmaresc, ci si pentru ca imi ofera posibilitatea sa ma intalnesc cu voi, dragii mei cititori, cei care imi incercati retetele, ma incurajati si ma sustineti reteta dupa reteta, provocare dupa provocare. 28 mai, ora 16:30, strada Matasari – notati-va aceasta data si adresa in calendar! Va astept cu mic cu mare sa vorbim despre prajituri, torturi, deserturi, sa ne cunoastem si sa schimbam impresii ori sa va raspund la intrebari. Tema workshop-ului este: „Muffins, cupcakes si brioche”, astfel incat ne vom concentra pe aceste trei elemente de baza in cofetarie, fara insa a fi restrictionati de ele. Pentru inscriere, va rog sa imi trimiteti un email la olguta@pastry-workshop.com sau olguta.oana@gmail.com. Abia astept sa ne vedem!

regele cofetarilor

{Adriano Zumbo} – The Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen

Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo, also called Patissier of Pain or Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen, is an Australian pastry chef who became known worldwide after appearing on Masterchef Australia as a guest judge and asking contestants to replicate a beautiful croquembouche. His creations are truly unique and showcase a perfect technique which is often hard to master in a household kitchen, but not impossible. Tanzanie is his creation and I have to say it’s one of the best cakes I ever made and tasted!

Born from Italian parents, Zumbo was raised in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia where his parents owned a supermarket so he was connected to food early on. After finishing school, he travelled to Sydney to begin his apprenticeship as a pastry chef, working under important names, like Pierre Herme or Ramon Morato. At the same time, he started supplying homemade desserts to local cafes in Sydney and this was his first step towards opening his first patisserie in Balmain in 2007. His first patisserie was such a huge success that 6 more followed, all culminating with his first book, Zumbo Book, in 2011 and his second book, Zumbarons, in 2012.

He’s an adventurous pastry artist, proof of that being not only the bold flavor combinations he creates, but also the fact that he enjoys competing in the world’s most prestigious pastry contests. Adriano sums himself up as being simple and not at all complicated, totally opposite of his pastry masterpieces. “My type of cooking is comfortable, basic and quite simple”, he says. “I’m not one for fancy sparkles on my cakes, I prefer my cakes sprayed with glaze and the flavors have to talk for themselves”, he continues. That’s his cake philosophy, one that I couldn’t identify myself with more! “It’s about recreating something people eat all the time but in a different texture and a different reality.”, he says. If you go way past this comfort line, fewer and fewer people are willing to taste and actually enjoy what you create so you have to find and balance this thin line of being creative, but not going over the board with it, he explains.

Growing in his parents’ shop, he was used to sweets and developed a passion for lollies which he used to sell at school. “All I could think of was lollies; chocolate bars; Top Taste lamingtons; ginger kisses… that’s all that ever lived in my school bag”, he recalls. This early passion led him into a career that combines his love for all things sweet with tons of creativity.

He became famous after appearing as a guest in Masterchef. His business at that time was 8 months old so he took this opportunity right away, not for one second thinking it might bring him the success he witnessed then. About this experience, he recalls: “When I first went on, it was the first time they’d had a guest chef in the celebrity challenge. I wasn’t interested in TV, it came from nowhere, then they said, ‘We have a few other ideas we’d like to run past you’. I appeared on a few more episodes and then I just became part of the Masterchef family”. If there’s on thing Adriano is extremely happy about when he talks about Masterchef, is that his appearance in the show raised the profile of pastry chefs and brought a well-deserved attention to a long forgotten craft. If in the past people wouldn’t bother much about desserts, not they include pastry shops in their culinary travels or simply go out specifically for dessert. Buying a good cake is a cool, trendy thing nowadays.

Adriano Zumbo

When asked about what inspires him, Adriano says it’s the simple things in life that tingle his creativity, such as childhood memories, food fads, eating out and all sorts of experiences, without following any food trend. He thinks life’s about excitement, about not following the rules others have pointed out for you, but looking for your own path, even though it may be out of the ordinary. And just like any other pastry chef, his greatest reward is hearing the positive remarks people have about his desserts.

Adriano Zumbo


Adriano Zumbo, supranumit si Lordul Intunecat al Patiseriei, este un chef/cofetar australian care a devenit faimos in intreaga lume dupa aparitia de la Masterchef Australia unde a fost invitat sa-i supuna la test pe participanti, alegerea lui fiind un impresionant croquembouche. Creatiile sale dulci sunt cu adevarat unice si pun in valoare o tehnica perfect, adesea greu de stapanit. Tanzanie, acest tort plin de ciocolata pe care il gasiti si pe blogul meu, ii apartine si este unul dintre cele mai bune torturi incercate de mine vreodata! E intr-adevar un tort complex si complicat, dar plin de ciocolata, cu diverse texturi care fac experienta finala a degustarii un adevarat deliciu!

Nascut din parinti italieni, Zumbo a fost crescut in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia unde parintii lui aveau un supermarket. Dupa ce termina scoala, Zumbo se muta la Sydney unde incepe un stagiu de pregatire in cofetarie, lucrand sub nume importante, precum Pierre herme sau Ramon Morato. Intre timp, el pune pe picioare o mica afacere care consta in a livra prajituri unor cafenele din Sydney, acesta fiind primul pas inspre a-si deschide un local propriu, lucru care s-a si intamplat in anul 2007. Prima lui locatie din Balmain a avut un succes rasunator, astfel incat i-au urmat inca alte 6 locatii, precum si cateva carti cu retete care au incununat cu succes munca lui in domeniul deserturilor si a retetelor creative, neobisnuite.

Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo e un cofetar extrem de talentat, un adevarat artist, dovada fiind nu doar creatiile sale, cat si numeroasele participari la concursuri de talie internationala unde a si luat premii importante. Adriano se descrie ca fiind o persoana simpla, deloc complicata, opusul creatiilor sale. “Stilul meu e unul comfortabil, de baza si destul de simplu”, spune el. “Nu-mi plac ‘artificiile’ pe torturile mele, prefer sa las gustul sa vorbeasca de la sine, in timp ce decorul e cat se poate de simplu, adesea acesta constand in glazura sau spray.”, continua el. Aceasta este filozofia lui, una cu care ma identific cat se poate de mult! “E important sa cream ceva ce oamenii mananca tot timpul dar cu o textura diferita, o structura diferita, culori diferite”, spune Zumbo. O data ce treci peste linia asta, tot mai putini oameni sunt dispusi sa guste creatia ta si e tot mai putin probabil sa le placa, explica Zumbo. Asadar, trebuie sa gasesti un balans intre a fi creativ si a incerca sa nu depasesti aceasta linie fina, gandindu-te in primul rand la cei care vor gusta desertul tau.

Crescand in magazinul parintilor lui, Zumbo a fost obisnuit de mic cu dulciurile si a dezvoltat o pasiune imensa pentru acadele pe care le si vindea la scoala. “Nu ma puteam gandi decat la acadele, ciocolata, lamingtons, fursecuri cu ghimbir… astea sunt singurele lucruri pe care le gaseai in geanta mea de scoala”, isi aminteste el cu drag. Era foarte putin interesat de scoala, dar pasiunea pentru dulciuri avea sa se concretizeze intr-o cariera de succes mai tarziu, asa ca tot “raul” spre bine.

In momentul in care a fost invitat sa participe la Masterchef, abia isi deschisese localul din Balmain asa ca a profitat de aceasta oportunitate, dar nici pentru o secunda nu i-a trecut prin cap ca acest lucru o sa-i aduca succesul la care a fost martor mai apoi. “Cand am fost invitat la Masterchef eram primul chef invitat sa ia parte la provocarea celebritatilor. Nu eram interesat in televiziune, invitatia aparuse de nicaieri, apoi ei au spus ca au cateva idei si ar vrea sa se consulte cu mine. Am mai aparut in cateva episoade apoi pur si simplu am devenit parte din familia Masterchef.”, isi aminteste Zumbo, care e mandru nu doar pentru succesul pe care i l-a adus emisiunea, ci si pentru faptul ca aparitia lui la TV a atras atentia asupra cofetarilor si asupra unei meserii aproape uitate. Dintr-o data, sa comanzi desert a devenit un trend, o moda, iar oamenii au inceput sa includa patiserii faimoase pe lista locurilor de vizitat intr-o viata, ceea ce nu e putin lucru.

Intrebat ce il inspira, Adriano Zumbo spune ca sunt lucrurile simple ale vietii care ii declanseaza procesul creativ, de la amintiri din copilarie, la tot felul de experiente care nu se incadreaza in rutina zilnica.El este de parere ca viata trebuie sa fie interesanta si nu trebuie sa te supui unor reguli doar pentru ca asa iti dicteaza societatea ori familia. Ideal ar fi sa-ti gasesti propiul drum, chiar daca asta inseamna sa iesi din tipare. Si ca orice cofetar, Adriano recunoaste ca cea mai mare multumire o are atunci cand oamenii se regasesc in deserturile lui, cand devin clienti fideli, cand le place ceea ce el creeaza cu atata daruire si creativitate.

Sursa foto: Google Images

Marie Antoine Careme – First Celebrity Chef

marie antoine careme

Marie Antoine Careme was a French chef and food writer born in 1784 (8th June). Although named in the honor of Marie Antoinette, he preferred to use the name Antonin, especially after the French revolution. So don’t be confused when you’ll see Antonin Careme or Antoine Careme, it’s the same person.

A celebrity in his time, Careme has a very special style of cooking, a style that would be considered innovative, opulent and often excessive even nowadays. But it’s particularly this style that brought him the name of the founder of the classic French cuisine, a cuisine that reigns over Europe even decades later.

His addition to the French cuisine include: classifying the sauces into four groups, creating the so called cold food which aims to preserve the exact taste as it had when it was cooked (such as cold buffets) and establishing very high standards in professional kitchens, from recipes and menus to what workers wore during service (it was he who introduced double-breasted kitchen jackets as seen today and headgear. He was also the one to promote white as the universal color for chefs’ clothes as it indicated cleanliness).

Careme was born in Paris in a poor family which had somewhere between 15 and 25 children so supporting all of them was difficult. For that reason, his parents sent him away at an early age – some people say he was 8, others say he was 10, but even so, he was out on the streets having to look after himself at a very early age. Soon a tavern keeper took pity on him and offered him lodging for the night then the next morning offered him work. That’s when he first entered a professional kitchen. He took a 6-years apprenticeship at the tavern, starting as a potwasher and slowly moved his way up into the kitchen.

A few years later, in 1799, Careme obtained another apprenticeship with Sylvain Bailly – a very famous pastry chef who had a well-respected pastry shop near the Royal Palace. Bailly’s head pastry ched took Careme in his care and taught him not only how to master the pastry craft. but also to read and write. Once able to read, he spent a lot of time at the National Library where he began reading more and more while learning how to draw. He’s always been interested in architecture so his design study was hand in hand with that. It’s his skills and this study that allowed him to create amazing pastry masterpieces which were used as centerpieces for Bailly’s shop.

During his two years in Bailly’s shop, Careme also worked for Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince of Benevent and developed a strong work relationship with Talleyrand’s head chef – Boucher. But when the prince bought a large estate outside Paris, Talleyrand hired Careme as full-time chef. According to some writers, Careme worked exclusively for the Prince of Benevent, but certain writers claim that he did not. Instead, they say that while working for Talleyrand, he also opened a pastry shop in Rue du Paix which he ran until 1814. His job with Talleyrand was „on demand”, meaning that he went there to help with the menu on certain events rather than working there every single day, full-time. But at his shop he was allowed to let his imagination go wild so his centerpieces became  more and more popular and famous. He created these centerpieces out of materials such as nougat, marzipan, sugar and dough and used architecture, pyramids and ancient ruins as inspiration. He crafted centerpieces for the Parisian high society, including Napoleon himself (it was Careme who made the cake and centerpieces at Napoleon’s wedding).

In 1815, Careme went to London and worked as head chef for George, Prince of Wales who would become George IV of England. But Careme hated England, he found the weather to be depressing and disliked the way the English chefs treated him in the kitchen due to his well-known name already. So 3 years later he returned to France and accepted to work for the British Ambassador in Vienna. In the same year, he published a book – Le Patissier Royal – which was a 400 page, two volume book focusing on patisserie. The book was so popular that he printed a second edition. What I find interesting about this book is that Careme himself drew the illustrations. When he realized that the critiques of his first book focused a lot on his illustrations, he took art lessons for his next book – Le Patissier Pittoresque.

Careme cooked occasionally for the Russian Emperor Alexander and it is known the fact that the Emperor loved Careme’s cabbage soup. He also had Antonin cook for a grand banquet he held at Plaine de Vertus outside Paris. In 1819, Careme went to St. Petersburg to work as head chef in Alexander’s kitchen, but the Emperor was absent and Careme was refused work until the tsar returned home. While waiting for the Emperor’s return, Careme had the chance to observe the Russian’s kitchen and did not like the atmosphere and intense surveillance so he returned to France before even meeting Alexander.

Back to Paris, Careme worked for Princess of Bragation and Lord Stairs until he found at job at the Baron James de Rothschild. He worked there until 1829 when he decided to retire and dedicated himself to art and writing books. His most famous book was published over the course of 1833 to 1834 and was called Lárt de la cuisine francaise au dix-neuvieme siècle. The book had 5 volumes, but he only managed to finish three of them as he passed away in 1833. His colleague Plumery finished the last two volumes.

Careme died at the age of 49 and is buried in Montmartre at the Cimitiere de Montmartre. He remains known as the one who founded the classical French cuisine even today and he is an inspiration for every modern chef nowadays.

Some of his gastronomical contribution to the world’s cuisine include: the famous Croquembouche, the well-known dessert Charlotte Russe which was created in the honor of the Emperor Alexander and the common meringues – it was at his pastry shop that he began piping meringue to a pastry bag; nobody did it before him. He is also credited to have invented the Napoleon Cake (Mille Feuille), inspired by Napoleon himself.

marie antoine careme