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homemade cinnamon rolls

I get the “summer is ending” feeling lately and all I can think of is comfort food, baking with strong flavors, pears and spices, pumpkin and apples, pies and tarts and sweet dough rolled into amazing desserts. My birthday marks the end of summer which is a bit sad for me as I love the sun, I love being warm – the irony of life. Probably for this reason I baked these cinnamon rolls for my guest post swap with Matthew Ivan from Plating Pixels – he sent me the most amazing muffins this blog has seen and I sent him these homemade cinnamon rolls.

I must say I tried cinnamon rolls a few times before, but none of them were as good as these. Even this recipe had to go through 2 trials before being published – the first time I thought I’d skip using butter to spread over the dough and it wasn’t a great idea as they turned out a bit drier and definitely not as rich.

homemade cinnamon rolls

But with the addition of butter, cream cheese glaze and chopped walnuts, they are absolutely perfect. These homemade cinnamon rolls impressed me with their flavor, richness and fluffiness. But the moment you pour the glaze over each one is magnificent. I think it’s the glaze that makes them shine as bright as they are. It’s the glaze that add some extra moisture and richness so when you bite into one it’s pure joy for your senses – flavor wise and texture wise. Yes, they are sticky and messy, but oh boy, it’s worth it!

Click here to read my recipe for Homemade Cinnamon Rolls on Plating Pixels

homemade cinnamon rolls

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  1. I think your cinnamon rolls are the ultimate comfort food, Oana! The smell of them cooking must be incredible. I will miss the summer too, although typically we haven’t had much sun! As the days get cooler and shorter, I will be in the kitchen making some of these rolls… x