Workshop Entremets 27-28 ianuarie

Cofetaria e un domeniu atat de vast si versatil, incat nu exista doua prajituri la fel! In fiecare zi poti adauga diferite accente de culoare ori un alt decor si obtii un tort nou, ii dai un nou suflu. Tot cam asa nu exista nici doua cursuri la fel. Si ma refer aici la mai multe lucruri: suportul de curs sufera mai mereu schimbari, fie ca sunt mici, fie ca e complet regandit, torturile sunt decorate diferit, dar si dinamica fiecarei grupe de cursanti e diferita. Ceea ce ma pune pe mine mereu in fata unei provocari: cum fac ca toti oamenii sa plece de la curs cu aceeasi informatie, explicata pe intelesul lor?! Nu e lucru usor, dar e tocmai partea care imi place cel mai mult! Sa interactionezi cu ei, sa le raspunzi la intrebari, sa gasesti solutii pentru problemele lor, sa le explici de ce e mai bine asa si nu altfel. E minunat sa-i observi pe fiecare in parte, sa le admiri determinarea, sa le intelegi framantarile!

pastry workshop - entremet

Cursul din acest weekend a fost ca si saptamana trecuta, concentrat pe Entremets, aceste torturi atat de frumoase si totusi atat de migaloase! Ce am realizat vedeti mai jos in aceste fotografii superbe surprinse de Ionela Stoica aka Pupile Gustative (dati click si va minunati de ideile Ionelei! Proud to be her friend!)


One of the things that I love the most about teaching pastry classes is the fact that I get to meet people who have the same passion as I do, the fact that I get to interact with them, to know a little bit of each other, to understand their view on pastry, to help them solve their problems or answer their questions. All of this feels like a huge privilege, one that I couldn’t have dreamed to have over one year ago. I’m living these moment at their fullest!

This week’s class focused once more on Entremets and the cakes we managed to make are pretty amazing. It’s team work! Thank you, Pupile Gustative for these amazing pictures!

pastry workshop

pastry workshop


cursuri cofetar

entremet - pastry workshop

black mirror glaze

mirror glaze

glazing an entremet

pastry workshop

pastry workshop

chocolate feathers


Workshop Entremets 20-21 ianuarie

Stiam ca Ionela de la Milk and Toast and Honey face niste fotografii minunate, dar nu ma asteptam sa fie atat de frumoase. Ea a fost cea care a surprins atmosfera si produsele realizate in cadrul workshopului Entremets de pe 20-21 ianuarie si ma bucur mult caci uitati ce instantanee a surprins si ce fotografii reusite a facut produselor noastre!

Nu uitati sa verificati calendarul cursurilor viitoare pe site-ul scolii Horeca sau sa va abonati la Newsletter aici, pe blog, pentru a fi la curent cu noutatile in materie de cursuri!

{EN} My latest class – Entremets – was a joy, despite all those hours of hard work! My students were amazing these two days, pushing themselves over their limits and enjoying every second of it. The results speak for themselves: 5 recipes, 10 cakes, each of them with a different decor. Now that’s something I hope they are proud of!

Black Forest – chocolate mousse, cherry compote, white chocolate namelaka, chocolate sponge cake

Black Forest - covered in white velvet spray

Rouge – raspberry chocolate mousse, raspberry compote, raspberry sponge cake Adapted after a recipe by Johan Martin


Mokacino – caramel mousse, coffee creme brulee, caramelized bananas, speculoos croustillant, hazelnut sponge cake

coffee entremet



Poire – pear confit, caramel chocolate mousse, chocolate cremeux, hazelnut dacquoise




pear entremet


orange hazelnut entremet

Oranj – orange cream insert, hazelnut mousse, hazelnut sponge cake


orange hazelnut entremet



slice of entremet

Slice of Rouge

web mirror glaze

Chocolate decorations in the making


{Basil Raspberry Macarons} – Macarons cu busuioc si zmeura

Hold your seats tight as here comes the very first recipe of macarons on Pastry Workshop! It took me a while to finally have the guts to dive into the world of macarons a little bit more. I used to find macarons quite bland and too sweet, not something I wanted to taste too often. I guess I just didn’t taste the right ones as when I finally had the chance to see them done by Diego Lozano and tasted them, I was hooked. They were moist, fragrant, not overly sweet and simply melt-in-your-mouth! From all the varieties he’s made, there’s one that totally crawled under my skin – basil! Basil macarons are amazing! But imagine having them combined with raspberry! Pure joy for your taste buds!

basil raspberry macarons

Basil Raspberry Macarons – fragrant, delicious, moist, beautiful!

These basil raspberry macarons are so surprising that one won’t be enough to tell why they are so good or so fragrant! The basil aroma is just the right amount so when you bite into them, it floods your taste buds with its intensity and then it slowly leaves room for the tangy raspberry to wash off the feel and make room for one more macarons! It’s a quite addictive combination of flavors, one that yields a lovely color contrast as well!

basil raspberry macarons

The recipe below belongs to the one and only Pierre Herme. It’s one of the two  recipes (together with Diego Lozano’s) that worked in my home oven. The recipe uses Italian meringue as a base and the meringue in itself is the most stable one so the rate of success with this particular ingredient list is quite high.

basil raspberry macarons

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{Basil Raspberry Macarons}
Macaron shells:
  • 150g almond flour
  • 150g powdered sugar
  • 55g egg whites A
  • 55g egg whites B
  • 150g white sugar
  • 37ml water
  • Powder food coloring
Basil ganache:
  • 190g white chocolate
  • 150ml heavy cream
  • 10g fresh basil leaves
  • 25g cocoa butter
  • 50g butter, softened
Raspberry jam:
  • 150g seedless raspberry puree
  • 20g glucose syrup
  • 5g pectin NH
  • 35g white sugar
  • 5ml lemon juice
Macaron shells:
  1. Sift the almond flour and powdered sugar twice. Place aside in a bowl. Reserve the egg whites A next to the bowl of dry ingredients.
  2. Combine the white sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  3. In the meantime, begin whipping the egg whites B until foamy. When the sugar syrup reaches 119C, start pouring it over the egg whites B, mixing all the time while pouring. Continue mixing until the meringue cools down slightly and it looks stiff and glossy. Add the food coloring and mix well.
  4. Mix the dry ingredients with the reserved egg whites (A) to form a paste.
  5. Add 1 tablespoon of meringue into this paste and mix well then add the remaining meringue and mix carefully until the batter is thick, but runs off the spatula into a ribbon like stream. That's how we know the batter is ready to pipe and bake!
  6. Spoon the batter in a pastry bag fitted with a small round pastry tip then pipe small (or larger) macarons on a silicone baking mat.
  7. Gently tap the baking tray on your countertop to remove air bubbles then allow to dry at room temperature for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on weather and temperature. You know they are ready to bake when the surface of each macaron has formed a skin, if you touch gently, the macaron batter won't stick to your fingertip.
  8. Bake the macarons in the preheated oven at 130F with the fan on for 15-20 minutes.
  9. When done, remove from the oven and allow them to cool down in the pan.
Basil ganache:
  1. Combine the chocolate and cocoa butter in a bowl.
  2. Pour the heavy cream in a saucepan and bring to the boiling point. Add the basil leaves and remove from heat.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to infuse for 10 minutes then blend with a hand blender.
  4. Strain the heavy cream through a fine sieve then heat the cream once again to the boiling point.
  5. Pour the cream over the chocolate. Allow to rest for 2 minutes then blend well.
  6. Allow the ganache to come to 40C then add the butter and blend until smooth and creamy.
  7. Cover the ganache with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Raspberry jam:
  1. Combine the raspberry puree and glucose in a small pot and heat to 40C.
  2. Mix the sugar with the pectin NH then add it to the puree pot and mix well. Bring to a boil then cook for 2 minutes from the moment it begins to boil.
  3. Add the lemon juice and remove from heat.
  4. Allow to cool down to room temperature, covered with plastic wrap.
To finish the macarons:
  1. Pair the macarons shells two by two, considering their shape and size.
  2. Spoon the ganache and jam into two small pastry bags.
  3. Pipe an outer layer of ganache on the macarons. Fill the center with raspberry jam then cover with another macaron and press gently to make sure they're sandwiched.
  4. Store in the fridge for 24 hours before serving.

basil raspberry macaronsROMANIAN

Lume, lume, iata prima reteta de macarons pe Pastry Workshop! V-am facut sa asteptati ceva timp, stiu, dar va promit ca a meritat! Caci reteta de mai jos e absolut delicioasa! Cojile ies minunate, iar crema… oh crema e angelica! Aroma intensa de busuioc, zmeura dulce-acrisoara si delicat parfumata fac casa excelenta, astfel incat acesti macarons se topesc in gura!

Recunosc ca daca ma intreba cineva acum cateva luni daca imi plac macarons, as fi zis ca nu. Dar banuiesc ca nu mancasem macarons de unde trebuie caci in momentul in care i-am gustat pe cei facuti de Diego Lozano in cadrul masterclass-ului, am avut revelatia texturii macaron-ului perfect! Inca incerc sa reproduc exact acea dulceata, acea umiditate si textura pe care le-am gustat atunci!

macarons cu zmeura si busuioc

Incercarea de azi e timida, foarte timida, dar e un inceput bun. Reteta folosita de mine apartine lui Pierre Herme si foloseste ca baza o bezea italiana foarte stabila. Dupa suficiente incercari ratate, am ajuns la concluzia ca secretul consta in cuptor. Asa incat temperaturile date de mine astazi ar trebui luate ca ghid de plecare – va recomand sa faceti cateva incercari cu diverse temperaturi si pozitii ale tavii in cuptor pana ajungeti la un rezultat care sa va satisfaca.

Tineti minte insa ca un macaron perfect are un piciorus frumos, vizibil, o crusta usor crocant, care se sparge cu usurinta cand musti si un interior umed, cremos, aromat, care se musca usor si se topeste in gura!

Nu indraznesc insa sa va dau sfaturi pentru a realiza macarons perfect, e un proces de invatare si pentru mine, asa ca va propun sa parcurgem impreuna acest drum. Va invit sa impartasiti cu mine experienta voastra cu aceste mici minuni colorate in sectiune de comentarii de mai jos! 🙂

5.0 from 1 reviews
Macarons cu busuioc si zmeura
  • 150g faina de migdale
  • 150g zahar pudra
  • 55g albus de ou A
  • 55g albus de ou B
  • 150g zahar alb
  • 37ml apa rece
  • Colorant pudra (verde in cazul meu)
Ganache de busuioc:
  • 190g ciocolata alba
  • 150ml smantana pentru frisca
  • 10g busuioc proaspat
  • 25g unt de cacao
  • 50g unt, temperatura camerei
Gem de zmeura:
  • 150g piure de zmeura, fara samburi
  • 20g sirop de glucoza
  • 5g pectina NH
  • 35g zahar alb
  • 5ml suc de lamaie
  1. Cerneti faina de migdale si zaharul pudra de doua ori. Dati deoparte. Rezervati albusul A alaturi de ingredientele uscate.
  2. Combinati zaharul alb cu apa intr-un vas si puneti pe foc.
  3. Intre timp, mixati albusul B pana devine spumos. Cand siropul de zahar si apa a ajuns la 119C, incepeti sa-l turnati in fir subtire peste albus, mixand continuu. Mixati pana obtineti o bezea lucioasa si suficient de ferma. Adaugati colorantul si amestecati bine.
  4. Amestecati ingredientele uscate cu albusul A pana obtineti o pasta.
  5. Incorporati 1 lingura de bezea in pasta obtinuta, apoi adaugati si restul de bezea. Amestecati usor pana obtineti un aluat destul de gros dar care curge totusi de pe lingura sau spatula intr-o panglica.
  6. Turnati aluatul intr-un pos echipat cu dui rotund, mica poi posati macarons pe o folie de silicon sau hartie de copt. Va ajuta mult o folie de silicon imprimata cu cercuri pentru macarons, dar pe hartie de copt puteti trasa voi aceste cercuri cu un creion si un cutter de fursecuri!
  7. Loviti usor tava de masa de lucru pentru a scapa de eventualele bule de aer apoi lasati macarons sa se usuce la temperatura camerei pentru 10-30 minute, in functie de temperaturi sau umiditatea din camera. Stiti ca sunt gata de copt cand suprafata fiecaruia a format o crusta care atinsa, nu se rupe sau lipeste.
  8. Coaceti in cuptorul preincalzit la 130C cu vantilatie pentru 15-20 minute.
  9. Cand sunt gata, scoateti din cuptor si lasati sa se raceasca in tava.
Ganache de busuioc:
  1. Combinati ciocolata si untul de cacao intr-un bol.
  2. Turnati smantana intr-un vas si aduceti la punctul de fierbere. Adaugati busuiocul si luati de pe foc. Acoperiti cu folie de plastic si lasati sa infuzeze 10 minute. Blenduiti apoi strecurati printr-o sita fina.
  3. Reincalziti smantana pana la punctual de fierbere apoi turnati-o peste ciocolata.
  4. Lasati deoparte 2 minute apoi blenduiti cu un blender de mana/blender stick.
  5. Lasati crema sa vina la 40C, apoi adaugati untul la temperatura camerei si blenduiti din nou.
  6. Dati crema la rece cateva ore, acoperita cu folie pentru a preveni formarea crustei.
Gem de zmeura:
  1. Combinati piureul de zmeura si glucoza intr-un vas si incalziti la 40C.
  2. Amestecati zaharul si pectina intr-un vas apoi turnati-o peste siropul cald, amestecand continuu.
  3. Dati in clocot apoi gatiti 2 minute de cand incepe sa fiarba.
  4. Adaugati sucul de lamaie si luati de pe foc.
  5. Acoperiti cu folie si lasati sa se raceasca.
Pentru a asambla macarons:
  1. Puneti cele doua crema in posuri.
  2. Grupati macarons dupa marime, doi cate doi, perechi.
  3. Posati ganache pe marginea exterioara a fiecarui macarons (doar unul dintr-o pereche de doi, nu e nevoie sa puneti crema pe ambii). Umpleti centrul cu gem de zmeura apoi acoperiti cu cel de-al doilea macarons.
  4. Puneti in casserole si dati la rece.
  5. Sunt mult mai buni dupa o zi la rece.


{Chocolate Lollipops} – Acadele de ciocolata

chocolate lollipops

From all the fun things you can do with chocolate, lollipops have a very special place in my heart. It’s no particular reason though, probably just the fact that they are so easy to make and yet so fun and cute. Just look at them, how can you not love that?! All those colors, those textures, those fun designs – the kids love these… and grown-ups alike!

Let’s recap the toppings you can use: pistachio, almonds, nuts, freeze dried raspberries, salt flakes, honeycomb, caramelized nuts, dried fruits. Need I go on?! So many options, so little time! The sky is the limit, literally!

Read this post for a short explanation on chocolate tempering and how to easily do it at home. And then start practicing! I think that’s the key to mastering pretty much anything in the pastry world – practice, practice, practice! When you love what you do however, these kind of things are never a chore. Mind you, chocolate is amazing, working with it can never be a chore!

chocolate lollipops


{Chocolate Lollipops} - Acadele de ciocolata
  • Chocolate
  • Toppings: mixed nuts, dried fruits, honeycomb, salt flakes etc.
  • You will also need lollipop sticks
  1. Melt the chocolate then temper it.
  2. Spoon the chocolate in a small piping bag. Cut a small hole at the end of the piping bag.
  3. Pipe a small droplet of chocolate on a sheet of parchment paper then place a lollipop stick in the chocolate. Begin to make swirls of chocolate by gently applying pressure on the piping bag. You can make any design you want, intricate or not.
  4. Sprinkle on top your desired toppings then allow to crystallize.


chocolate lollipopsROMANIAN

Dintre toate lucrurile pe care le poti face cu ciocolata, acadelele sunt poate printre cele mai distractive! Si nu doar pentru copii, ci si pentru adulti deopotriva! Te simti din nou copil avand la dispozitie o intreaga gama de toppinguri, reusind astfel sa-ti creezi ciocolata viselor. De la sare de mare ori sare afumata la fructe uscate, nuci, alune, diverse condimente, zahar caramelizat, flori uscate, toate fac parte din larga gama de posibile adaugiri pentru a imbunatati nu doar gustul ci si textura acadelelor.

Reteta de azi abia poate fi numita o reteta. E chiar simplu sa faci aceste acadele. Ai nevoie de ciocolata, topita si temperata, bete pentru cake-pops sau frigarui si toppingul preferat. Turnati ciocolata intr-un pos sau con de hartie. Lipiti un bat de cake-pops pe o foaie de hartie de copt folosind o picatura de ciocolata apoi trasati un model dantelat pe hartia de copt. Presarati imediat deasupra toppingul preferat si lasati ciocolata sa cristalizeze. Asta e tot, v-am zis ca e simplu, nu-i asa?!?!

{Vanillekipferl} – Fursecuri cu nuca si vanilie

2017 is upon us, but I still have recipes from last year to catch up on. Now I’m not one to bake cookies too often, but I’ve baked so many this year! Some were older recipes, like my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie or the delicious chocolate spritz cookies of Pierre Herme, but some, like these vanillekipferl – walnut vanilla cookies – were completely new. I’ve had these on my mind for weeks before Christmas and when the time finally came, I had everything ready. Why you will ask?! Well, simply because they are the most mellow, walnutty cookies I’ve ever made and tasted! Perfect little treats of walnut flavor and amazing texture! The best part?! They preserve beautifully for over 2 weeks sealed in a cookie jar!



The ingredient list is fairly simple, but the outcome is quite impressive. They look cute as well, just like tiny croissants dusted with plenty of powdered sugar that melt in your mouth with each bite!

{Vanillekipferl} - Vanilla Walnut Cookies
  • 300g all-purpose flour
  • 3g salt
  • 100g walnuts, roasted and ground
  • 200g butter, softened
  • 60g white sugar
  • 65ml milk, room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Powdered sugar for dusting
  1. Prepare the dusting sugar by sifting at least 150g of powdered sugar into a bowl. Place aside.
  2. Sift the flour with salt then mix it with the ground walnuts.
  3. Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl for 5 minutes or until pale and fluffy.
  4. Add the vanilla then incorporate the milk, spoon after spoon, mixing well after each addition.
  5. Add the flour mixture, one half at a time, and knead just until the dough comes together.
  6. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours at least.
  7. Once the dough is chilled, take small pieces of dough and shape into a log that has 1cm diameter. Cut the log into approximately 5cm long pieces. Using your fingertips, shape each end of the smaller pieces to look thinner then bend the small log to look similar to a croissant or half moon.
  8. Place the cookies on baking trays then bake in the preheated oven at 350F for 12-15 minutes or until they are just slightly golden brown.
  9. Remove from the oven then allow to cool down in the pan for 10 minutes. Take the cookies from the pan and place them in the powdered sugar, coating them on all sides.
  10. Remove on a platter and serve!


O fi trecut el Craciunul, dar eu inca mai am retete pe care vreau sa vi le arat, asa ca o sa ignor faptul ca suntem deja de cateva zile in 2017 si o sa va arat astazi aceste mici minunatii dulci cu multa nuca, bine tavalite in zahar pudra numite Vanillekipferl sau cornulete cu nuca si vanilie daca vreti. Au tronat cu mandrie pe masa noastra de Craciun si recunosc ca au fost vedetele platoului cu fursecuri din mai multe motive: au o aroma incredibila de miez de nuca prajit, au o forma tare simpatica, sunt tavalite in zahar pudra si se topesc in gura cu fiecare muscatura!

Reteta vine de la o prietena culinareasa, Andrada, pe care am avut ocazia sa o cunoscut de curand. Multumesc, Andrada! Nu e nici prima, nici ultima reteta de la tine care imi reuseste cu brio!

{Vanillekipferl} - Fursecuri cu nuca si vanilie
  • 300g faina alba
  • 3g sare
  • 100g miez de nuca, prajit si macinat
  • 200g unt, temperatura camerei
  • 60g zahar alb
  • 65ml lapte, temperatura camerei
  • 2 lingurite extract de vanilie
  • Zahar pudra
  1. Cerneti cel putin 150g zahar pudra intr-un bol. Dati deoparte.
  2. Cerneti faina cu sarea apoi incorporati miezul de nuca.
  3. Mixati untul si zaharul intr-un bol pentru 5 minute sau pana devine cremos, deschis la culoare.
  4. Adaugati vanilia apoi incorporati treptat laptele.
  5. Adaugati faina, cate o jumatate o data, si framantai scurt doar pana obtineti un aluat omogen.
  6. Infasurati aluatul in folie alimentara si dati la rece macar 2 ore.
  7. Dupa 2 ore, luati bucati de aluat si formati suluri de aproximativ 1cm diametru. Taiati aceste suluri in bucati mai mici, de aproximativ 5cm lungime. Subtiati usor aceste bucati la capete, apoi incovoiati-le pentru a le da forma de croissante/semi-luna.
  8. Asezati pe tavi tapetate cu hartie de copt si coaceti la 350C pentru 12-15 minute sau pana devin usor aurii la suprafata.
  9. Scoateti din cuptor si lasati 10 minute sa se racoreasca in tava apoi tavaliti fursecurile prin zahar pudra cernut.
Puteti folosi migdale, alune de padure sau fistic in loc de miez de nuca.