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Layered cakes are one of the classics of pastry, loved across the globe for their beautiful layers and bold flavors, for their textures and their beautiful designs. They are impressive, I gotta admit! And for all those reasons, layered cakes were my first try at making cakes years ago. Time passed by and my obsessions for these amazing desserts grew stronger to the point where they became part of my day-to-day activity. I love everything about them: making the sponge cake, thinking of the fillings and matching them to the best of my knowledge, designing their exterior and finishing their décor. And the best part – through these cakes one can actually become part of someone else’s life by leaving a mark on their celebration, by making their day better or by impressing with an unique or lovely flavor.

layered cakes ebook

Layered cakes go beyond the simplicity of a dessert, becoming a moment of decadence where we finally taste what we’ve been dreaming of. May it be a birthday party of a wedding celebration, there’s no chance that cake will not be present! And the recipes in this ebook focuses on precisely that – surprising your guests with a dessert that breaks the monotony, a dessert capable of leaving a long lasting impression through structure, texture, taste and flavor, colors and design. Because at the end of the day, any successful dessert is a mix of just that: flavor + texture + style.

layered cakes ebook

With baking tips and techniques, a range of cake and filling recipes, and a flavor profile to impress, the aim of the book is to give you the knowledge and inspiration to recreate delicious layer cakes for celebrations of any size. It’s time to venture beyond vanilla and chocolate and take your baking skills to the next level. We’re talking layers—two, three, four, or more and bold flavors. A match made in heaven!

The recipes found in this ebook are:

Velvet – inspired by the famous Red Velvet Cake, this particular recipe has gone through a lot of testing until reaching this point. But I believe this is the best version of this cake that it can be. The airy, buttery sponge cake combines perfectly with the vibrant raspberry marmalade and the dense yet super creamy goat cheese cheesecake. The star of this cake is actually the flavor of the cheesecake which goes a bit beyond the classic, adding a certain sourness and aroma that make it not only interesting, but moreover irresistible. It is this particular flavor that surprises and manages to stay with you even long after eating the cake.

red velvet cake

Smarald – inspired by a fragrant lemonade during a hot summer day, this cake exceeds any expectation – it is refreshing, incredibly flavorful and fragrant, one of our most loved cakes to be honest. The mint sponge cake impresses not only through its taste, but also through its beautiful color which is obtained naturally. Next to pineapple and lime, the sponge creates a delicious cake with an airy texture.

Snikers – inspired by the famous chocolate bar, Snikers cake brings forward a mix of flavors that can never go wrong: chocolate, peanut butter and caramel, all brought together by a touch of coffee and (optionally) whisky. The final cake has not only incredible taste, but also texture thanks to the addition of peanuts, thus becoming the perfect blend of taste, flavor, texture and finess!

Caramel Carrot Cake – famous in the whole world, Carrot Cake gets in my interpretation a new structure and extra flavors. The caramel itself is amazing on its own, but it tends to turn this cake into a jewel of the pastry world. The flavors and spices of the sponge cake work so well with the caramel, that one slice will not be enough!

Basil – named after the fragrant plant, this cake is a favorite of mine. It’s been quite a few years since I discovered basil in desserts and I have not looked back ever since! Not just the flavor appeals to me, but also the color. The raw green of basil gives me the impression of alive, refreshing and that’s exactly what this cake feels like to. Combining it with raspberry is only a bonus, it being so good already!

Snikers Cheesecake – a delicious mix of peanut butter cheesecake, amazing caramel and a dark beer sponge cake, this particular recipe is perfect to those of you loving bold flavors and earthy notes. This cake has it all: interesting flavor profile, texture and structure, design.

Pastry Philosophy

When it comes to cakes and desserts, my philosophy relies on interesting flavors, contrasts and bold mixes of flavors that are capable of catching everyone’s attention. Because at the end of the day we do not eat dessert every day nor we need it to survive, so when we do eat it, it should be stunning and unforgettable. A successful dessert should be first of all tasty, delicious and then have a nice design on the outside. So my focus is to have first of all a perfectly balanced inside and then match the outside to that. Sometimes this requires more than one try, but that is precisely why I love pastry – it keeps me constantly on my toes!

In this eBook you will find classic mixes of flavors, such as chocolate and peanut butter, but also combos that may take you out of your comfort zone for a bit, like basil and raspberry or mint and pineapple. I believe everyone has a chance of finding a favorite in this eBook, turning it into a manual of layered cakes. 

This eBook contains the recipes of the 6 cakes described above (ingredients, instructions, assembling and other information needed to be able to make these recipes). It is recommended to those with a minimum baking experience who manage to assemble the cake themselves. After purchasing this eBook you will receive access to the download link in your Account.

What Will You Learn?

  • 6 different recipes
  • Mint sponge cake
  • Lemon sponge cake
  • Chocolate sponge cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Carrot cake
  • Ultra creamy caramel
  • Fruit inserts
  • How to assemble a cake
  • How to make your own fruit purees
  • Italian Meringue buttercream

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Ebook Layered Cakes – download link
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  • Ebook Layered Cakes – download link
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