{Top 10 Chocolate Desserts} – Top 10 deserturi cu ciocolata

top 10 chocolate desserts

Warning: don’t read this post if you’re hungry! It damages your sweet tooth!

I have never hidden my love for chocolate.  I like using it in my desserts, either as part of the filling or as a decoration, I like eating chocolate desserts, I like admiring them. But I think it’s the same with every pastry chef out there and there is a reason for that – not only most people would never say no to a chocolate desserts, but this marvellous ingredient also allows pastry chefs to be creative by being easy to combine with most fruits or spices and easy to work with for decorations. It’s a basic ingredient in the pastry kitchen and you just can’t go wrong with a chocolate dessert, can you?!

This article was born after looking through my Recipe Index and realising that many of my desserts have chocolate as the main ingredient. So here are my top 10 favorite chocolate desserts that will make you crave a slice, desserts that make chocolate shine and will surely impress family, friends or guests!

1. Molten Lava Cake – does this cake need any introduction?! I’d say not! It’s so rich and has so much chocolate that it will please any taste. Plus, the technique and process of making it and it’s renown as being a difficult dessert will most likely impress those who are lucky enough to taste it. I remember being incredibly nervous when I first made molten lava cake, but I soon realised that emotions can be constructive and all it needs to turn this recipe into a huge success if a bit of care when baking it, that’s the tricky part. Top it with a scoop of ice cream and there you have it – a dessert for every chocoholic out there!

2. Raspberry Chocolate Mud Cake – once again, loads of chocolate proves to be a winner! This cake has plenty of this dark, amazing treat, but it’s all toned down by fresh raspberries that sit beautifully on top of the cake. Once you cut into it, the dense, moist inside it’s revelead and a slice of this cake feels like a pure chocolate joy that lingers on your palate with every bite.

3. Brownie Cookies – the key to the success of these cookies is the intense, dark chocolate (over 70%) so you can expect a chocolatey taste and a moist, gooey inside, all covered in a slightly crisp exterior that breaks in your mouth, revealing the perfect brownie inside. I would love to see these cookies sandwiched together two by two with scoops of vanilla ice cream. Now that would be a truly decadent treat.

top 10 chocolate desserts

4. Chocolate Crinkles – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without these beautiful cookies, but they’re so good that you can make them at any time of the year. After all, who says crinkles can’t be a treat for two on Valentine’s day or a delicious bite for a birthday party buffet? Just look how beautiful they are, they deserve to be in the spotlight!

5. Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake – although vegan, this cake is impressive. The rich, thick chocolate mousse is something I’ve fallen in love with, despite I never hidden the fact that butter and cream are part of my religion as pastry chef and dessert lover. The avocado manages to replace the butter well so the mousse doesn’t lack richness or creaminess at all. In addition to this, it’s also a healthy alternative for kids.

6. Kinder Pingui – This cake is very similar to the well known Kinder Pingui which my little man adores. Needless to say that I prefer making it at home, although not too often as it’s not quite  a low calorie dessert. But it’s delicious, rich and loaded with chocolate, much tastier than the original Kinder Pingui.

7. Black Forest Gateau – I created this cake starting from the classic Black Forest Gateau recipe and it was meant to bring the recipe to a whole new level. I think I managed to do so since I remember this cake having a huge success with my family. We’re all chocoholics (with good measure) and this chocolate-cherry combination was one of the most delicious we ever tried.

top 10 chocolate desserts

8. Amaretto Chocolate Souffle Cake – I’ve discovered Amaretto only recently, but I love it’s aroma and I find it just perfect for chocolate.  This cake barely has any flour and it relies on the intense taste of chocolate and delicate aroma of Amaretto to create a truly decadent, scrumptious dessert.

9. Flourless Chocolate Cake – Having no flour at all, this cake literally melts in your mouth. Chocolate, butter and eggs are the three main ingredients – yes, just three main ingredients and look at that beautiful, moist cake! Delicious in every single bite!

10. Hot Chocolate Mix – I think this recipe deserves its spot in the top 10 chocolate desserts due to its amazing taste and rich consistency. In fact, addinh 2-3 tablespoons of powder into 1 cup of milk will yield a thick, consistent chocolate sauce. It tastes great, it stores well and it’s homemade. You have all the reasons to make it!

top 10 chocolate desserts

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